OpenDNS updater client version 2.1

Hi guys,

So it happened again, last time opendns updater version “2.0” was detected as an FP,
one asked if I had updated CIS from an previous version without uninstall and the answer was YES.
Then you told me to uninstall and reinstall CIS 3.12 and I did and the FP went missing.

BUT now it’s back, but now the FP flags on Opendns updater version “2.1” and i have even formated my HD so i havent updated CIS from an older version this time.

Anyway back to the report then…

Opendns updater client version 2.1 is detected as: Heur.suspicious[at]56625968 <<.

Cheers, J_G

Hi J_G,

We are going to check it out and will get back to you shortly.


So what’s the story with these? Are we doomed to need to report FP’s every time there is a new release of the client?

Perhaps a tweak to the heuristics so CIS recognizes the behavior as benign?


This FP has been fixed. Please check in virus signature latest database.

Erik M.

Yes I can confirm that the FP is fixed!

Thanks, J_G