OpenDNS updater client version 2.0

Hi guys!

Right, I have already submitted the file twice through your web-interface as false-positive.
And both times got a respond that says that the FP warning was NOT detected/reproduced by
CIS version 3.11…552. and i got the same version as well.
And i got the latest Def version: 2210 .

OpenDNS updater client 2.0 is detected as: Heur.Suspicious@46057978 <

I’ve now even submited a screenshot from the log file that you can see.

Hope you can reproduce the warning this time then

Cheers, J_G

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Hi J_G,

This sample is not detected by CIS 3.11.108364.552 DB 2310.If ur CIS version is updated from old version,pls uninstall and download the new one from,and reinstall.If any questions,pls let us know.

Thanks and Regards,

I’m seeing the same detection using CIS 3.11.-.522 DB 2312…

I’m a bit concerned that you recommend an uninstall and reinstall if CIS was updated from an older version in order for the FP to be recognized as such… :o

Why is that? If your signatures aren’t compatible with updates, something is seriously wrong with your updating system and it doesn’t do much for my peace of mind when running your product…

I did do a clean install of 3.10, but used the updater for 3.11. Why is an update not sufficient? ???

I don’t know about the original poster, but this FP is no longer detected on my system. DB 2328.

I’m still concerned why it was still being detected with databases released later than the mentioned “fix”. (Hailong said it was fixed in DB 2310, I was still seeing it with DB 2312) Do these things take a while to propogate through the servers? In other words, the fix was instituted in DB 2310, but it wasn’t immediately merged with all of the DB servers? (I’m assuming there is more than one)

A response from someone who knows would be great.

Hi HeffeD,

As i said before,"This sample is not detected by CIS 3.11.108364.552 DB 2310."That’s to say,we download the sample and scan it with DB 2310,but no FP was found.As some people has same problems,whose CIS version is updated from old version,so we advise u to uninst,download the latest version and reinstall.

Thanks and Regards,

Sorry for the delay!

YES a can also confirm that the FP is now gone, after i did a fresh install of CIS as well.

Thanks, J_G