Open Source Support for IT Admins

Most IT Admins have a number of very useful home grown solutions in the form of batch files, powershell scripts, office macros, etc. as well as documentation for important tasks that they had to figure out on their own because there is no documentation out there and/or the action only comes up once in a while. It would be great to have a program or system in place that made it easy to share, download, implement, auto-update, rate, and comment on these tools and information.

There are countless standalone applications out there that do one or two important things, however, it would be great to not have to constantly install a bunch of applications if, for example, a well-developed powershell script could do the same thing without having to install anything.

For example, I have a powershell script to deal with device drivers that are not completely removed using device manager or its un-install program. I do this to prevent those drivers from being automatically used. The script uses pnputil.exe to export a list of all driver packages to notepad. I then track down the driver package that I want to get rid of and use pnputil.exe -d. With the help of someone with more programming experience, this simple script could be added to a sort of IT support dashboard, perhaps like an optional plugin, that could be part of a toolkit. If some people agree, information could be crowdsourced as to the most used scripts that are actually used.