Open saved webpages whose name contain space


I can’t open saved webpages (saved with Dragon) whose name contain space because for every word of the name is it opened a tab.

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Please add a complete bug report as requested in this thread.
Also, add information on:

  • the extension of the files that you are trying to open
  • the location of the files that you are trying to open
  • the Dragon version that you used to save the web pages
  • does the issue reproduce with files saved in an older Dragon version?

Thank you.

Comodo Dragon portable (stable) (no issue with a standard installation)
Theme Animated Lion
adBlock 2.6.8
AutoPagerize 0.3.7
Comodo Share Page Service 0.1
Comodo Web Inspector 0.3
Componente aggiuntivo per disattiv. Analytics 1
Disattivazione permanente degli annunci personalizzati 1.0.15
Disconnect 5.10.0
EagleGet Downloader 1.6
FastForward 1.2.2
FB Disconnect 2.53.7411
Ghostery 5.0.0
Google Dictionary (by Google) 3.0.19
IE Tab Multi (Enhance)
LastPass 2.5.4
Popup my Bookmarks
Print or PDF with CleanPrint 4.7.0
Shortcut Manager 0.7.9
SingleFile 0.3.18
SingleFile Core 0.3.18
Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate 6.0.0
I disabled all extension but the problem occours again

Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit)
UAC enabled
C:\ drive path
Dragon installation path D:\Impostazioni\Comodo\Dragon
User privileges administrator
Google Chrome 30.0.1599.69 m (no issue with chrome)

The extension of the webpage is .html
The location is C:\Users\Utente\Desktop
the Dragon version that I used to save the web pages was portable (stable)
I don’t have older version of Dragon

It was my fault, no bug in Dragon
I have added

--disk-cache-dir=\"N:\\cache\" --disk-cache-size=4004857600 " --omnibox-popup-count=10

switch to some reg keys to relocate cache folder.
Now I clean the registry and everything works fine.