Open saved webpages created with Singlefile extension


I use Singlefile extension to save webpages. I can open that pages with Dragon when I am offline but I can’t when I am online. I don’t have this problem with Chrome.

No problem with CD

But still a little bug.
I can’t open the attached webpage (created with Singlefile extension) with CD but I can do it with Chrome

[attachment deleted by admin]


The attached file opened correctly with Dragon 29.1.
Could you add some specific details?

  • operating system
  • any error message displayed when you try to open the file in Dragon

Thank you.

My OS is Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit)
I don’t have error message

I use Comodo Dragon portable (stable) and i don’t have problem with a standard installation

It was my fault.
I have added

--disk-cache-dir=\"N:\\cache\" --disk-cache-size=4004857600 " --omnibox-popup-count=10

switch to some reg keys to relocate cache folder.
Now I clean the registry and everything works fine.
Still I don’t know why I can open some saved webpages (that have space in the name) and I can’t with others.
And even I don’t why I can open those pages with Chrome who have the same switch added.
Anyway now everything works fine.