Open Ports? WWDC

After extensive help from Toggie (thanks!), I had 98% of my open ports problems solved. And probably still do - one of the programs I have is WWDC (Windows Worms Doors Cleaner). I have not had any issues with this program at all until yesterday. I get the following message, and only UDP ports show:

Error while calline GetTcpTable API with the length required. The program so cannot see what ports are opened and closed, and will so only rely on the registry to check what services are enabled on your system.

I have no idea what the above message means, and I am fairly sure it is either a software issue, or I inadvertently changed a setting somewhere. I did a few weeks ago have to change some settings in Administrator Services.

Any help anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated.

You’ve got me on this one, I really have no idea. Maybe uninstall/reinstall. If you can, post a message on their forum…

I wonder if it’s related to your other post?

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