open ports vulnerability!

ran a port scan and all but six ports are open!(six are stealthed)cfp was installed w/default settings.will someone tell me how to configure cfp to stealth these open ports?thanks

lh1, are you using a router or a high-speed modem in your connection to the internet?


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It’s quite possible that your modem has router-like functions to it; a lot of them do these days. If so, when you run an online scan, you’re not scanning your computer; you’re scanning the modem.

A simple test will tell us…

While you’re connected to the internet, go to Start/Run, and type in “cmd” (no quotes). At the DOS prompt that opens up, type “ipconfig /all” (again, no quotes). This will show things like Default Gateway, DHCP Server, DNS Server, your IP address…

In the bottom right corner of your posts here, you see an IP address - that is your external IP address, assigned to your connection by your ISP.

If your modem has router-like functions, the IP address shown by the ipconfig command will not match that shown in your posts. It is quite likely that it will be 192.x.x.x ; this is a very common internal, non-routable IP address assigned by a router to a computer.

Check that and see what you come up with.