Open ports on MIRC and utorrent


I am a former user of Sygate personal firewall. I liked the ease of use and the features this firewall offered. However, Sygate no long updates their firewall and mine was beginning to crash on start up, so I figured it was time for a change. I did some research on free personal firewalls, and I ended up here.

I did some searches on how to set up the firewall for Utorrent for Comodo 3, and I came upon a detailed explanation of how to set it up. I followed the directions, set the first for rules, changed the 4th rule to allow and set up the extra rule for people who are directly connected to the net through a modem. I have yet to test it thoroughly, but I think it’s working. However, when I go to this site: and scan the port I use for utorrent, it is said to be open and vulnerable. Does this pose any threat, should a hacker scan my ports and find the open utorrent port?

Also, I’m not really sure how to set up mIRC for Comodo 3. I don’t usually transfer files over mIRC, however I occasionally do so I’d like to know what ports I should open and how I should set the rule. Also is there any possibility of someone using mIRC or the open ports as a tool to attack my computer?

Another thing - is there any logs that you can view of people who have scanned your ports (originating IP, how many times, ports scanned). This was a feature of Sygate that I liked.

I probably sound really paranoid, but I want my computer to be as secure as possible. If anyone could help me out, I’d greatly appreciate it :slight_smile:

Read my post to get a better understanding of Shields Up and PC Flank.

I have just started with Comodo and use Utorrent ( using Netgear Router DG834Gv3 with UPnP Mode) I set Utorrent as Trusted in Defense+ Ticked all boxes in Utorrent connections tab listening port section.
When downloading all connections are enabled giving me good speed, when download completes and Utorrent is closed so are the ports as displayed in Comodo Summary section

Hi curtis,

If you are not behind a router (your WAN and LAN IPs match) and if you opened port for incoming connections of utorrent in global rules, port scan indeed reveal your opened port. However, i do not know what level of threat we have in this case. We need some hacker to comment on this :smiley:

I guess this entry in firewall’s log:
application: windows operating system/source: whatever/destination: your IP/protocol: ICMP/source port: type 8/destination port: code 0