Hi everyone,(:WAV)

I have recently did a basic test at pcflank and it showed that i had open ports?(135,139)

Is this normal?

I would be grateful if anyone could help me?

Please keep answers simple as i am a novice.

Many Thanks :■■■■

Sorry forgot to say that i have comodo firewall pro.

Hey, Novieiam ~

Is your computer behind a router, a cable or satellite modem (or other modem that may have routing and/or NAT) capabilities?

If so, this is what is being scanned by pcflank.


Many thanks for the speedy response LM, (:WIN)

Not to sure about the above, i have a dell pc on a broadband internet connection.

I will try and find out.

Many thnx Novie :■■■■

A lot of broadband/cable modems have a builtin router/routing capabilities, and/or NAT (network address translation); in either event, what happens is that it “stops” traffic at the outside, and then reroutes it through to computers on the inside. The outside world sees one IP address (say, 123.456.78.90) while on the inside your computer has an address like

You can look up your modem on the web (or look in the manual if you got one, or on your ISP’s support docs page), and see if it does something like this. Chances are, it does. That being the case, you’re scanning that, not your computer & firewall.


Tnx for the PM, Novieiam ~

Have you been able to confirm whether your cable modem has a built-in router or NAT function?


Yes Lm,

The connection is through a modem!

Thanks for the help.

Novieiam :BNC

Okay, that’s one down… :wink:

The next question is, what make/model is the modem?


Hi LM, (:WAV)

Right firstly i havent been here for a few days, so appologies.

Secondly i made a mistake last time, ooops (thats why i am a novice)lol.My connection is through a router!Inventel v5.08…

Does this help?

Many thanks,

( the annoyance that i am)Novieiam :■■■■

Well, that does help a bit, novieiam. Changes things, certainly.

If you know that the Inventel gateway is a router, then it answers the question about the online portscan at PCFLank. In that instance, you are scanning the router, not Comodo Firewall.

As to getting better results with the router, I don’t know where to point you on that. I did a search, and really didn’t turn up anything helpful. I only know that Inventel was bought by Thompson in 2005, and none of the Inventel websites seem to be active; they errored out every time I tried to follow a link, or came up blankscreen. It’s very disappointing; and rare that I can’t come up with results after a several minutes of searching.

Well, I did find references to an Inventel Livebox (is that what you have), which has a current firmware of 5.08.x (depending on region). It does have a built-in router, apparently. That’s about it…


PS: don’t think you’re an annoyance; you are doing just fine. If you have questions, you won’t learn without asking. Hopefully, we can answer… ;D

Hi LM, yes i have Inventel Livebox, so my question has been answered, for that i thank you.

Dont know if this helps i think i can change the settings on the livebox, it says the livebox has its own firewall?currently i am on medium firewall settings for everyday surfing, but i can change to the highest setting.

do you recomend this or am i running before i can walk? lol

Take and thnx for the help(ps thats one ■■■■ i owe u) :■■■■


Most modern routers have an integrated firewall; generally referred to as a hardware firewall. On a consumer product, there is very little configuration available, and its primary purpose will be to keep Out any apparently-undesirable Inbound traffic. It will not care where you connect to, or how (ie, where you surf); it does not monitor any of your outbound traffic. It primarily checks the integrity/formation of incoming packets and either allows or disallows based on its inspection criteria. Hope that isn’t too confusing; basically, it will block inbound traffic that it doesn’t like the way it looks, or if there is too much of it all at once (this would be like a Flood, or Denial of Service attack).

Having such a firewall turned On is a good thing. It provides a layer of protection that will help keep the bad guys out. As to whether you should increase the security level of this firewall, that’s up to you. Generally, I would expect the “medium” settings are probably okay. You can always increase them and see what happens… if it works, then great; if it doesn’t, reset it to Medium. I would not expect it to conflict with the software firewall (Comodo), but depending on your internet activities (such as p2p, etc) it might interfere with some aspects of things like that (by increasing the level).

BTW, if you know how to change the Livebox’s firewall setting, I presume you know how to access its configuration (whatever it may have) interface. You may be able to look through there to see if it is forwarding any ports (such as the ones noted in the portscan test), or otherwise holding any open for passthrough. If so, you may be able to restrict those. Just be sure you find where its internal “reset” button is in case you change too many things and “break” your internet connection, lol. Most of these have a “reset” option, either in the configuration of somewhere on the unit itself, that will allow you to go back to the factory presets, just in case…


Eternally in your gratitide LM,
thats that for this topic but i am sure i will have more questions to ask.


No problem! I will close this one out, then. If you find you need to revisit this question, just PM a Moderator (please include a link) and we will gladly reopen the topic for you.

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