Open ports after installing windows 7 and comodo (last version)

I’ve installed windows 7 and comodo. says i have 4 ports open : 21, 23, 80, 631 which is amusing , for comodo must stealth all the ports. Please, quide me to the right links or tell how to close those ports.
Thanks in advance.

Hi warrior7089

Did your previous setup show ‘stealth’ results? if so what did you have installed?

Is your PC directly connected to the internet or is there a router in between?
It looks like the site is scanning your router and not your PC, all ports reported are by default not listening on a windows 7 system. This looks more like a linux OS that’s responding.

Thank you, Ronny.
I had XP earlier.
Now, I’m connected by wire to modem which is also a router for laptops.
The question is whether i need to enable firewall in router or i’m protected.

It is definite wise to enable the firewall in the router as a first line of defence for unsolicited access requests coming from the web.

Notice that even with your router’s firewall enabled it may still not show totally stealth.