Open port

just went to shieldsup and all tests passed with 100% except port 1723 PPTP is open. all others are completely stealthed. already ran the Stealth Ports Wizard and tried to set rules in Network Security Policy but can’t seem to close it. any help would be greatly appreciated.

Are you using a router? PPTP is usually a protocol controlled there. If the router has already nacked, CFP3 can’t un-nack it. :slight_smile:

you are exactly right - i found out the open port is a known issue with my dsl router/modem so i went to my dsl provider and picked up a new one (they have switched to a newer different model). ran shields up and no more open ports. :slight_smile:

It didnt mean your router\modem was bad. You need to be sure your router\modem is fully stealthed.

all the ports are fully stealthed now - passed all tests at shields up.