open office2.2 not working when on access scan enabled

(B)Hi I am having problems with my “Open Office” program
since installing cavs beta open office hangs and will not shut down it also runs its startup wizard every time I open a document. This doesn’t happen when I disable the on access scanner!!!
I have xp sp2 ,CFP, and Boclean as well as the latest CAVs

Also the scanner and hips exclusion windows do not display properly and I think possibly there is a “button” being hidden at the bottom of the pop up screen All I can see is a CANCEL button at the bottom and Sometimes a NEW, REMOVE and one other button to the right hand side

Any help would be most appreciated

I only see problems with OO if the on-access scan is set to “all files”. If the on-access scan is set to “Selective extension” OO opens successfully. When set to scan “all files” OO hangs up (not responding to Windows).

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It’s not just OO that “forgets” things. Pidgin (prior Gaim) also forgets it’s settings, other software as well.
Always having only “selective extensions” scanned on access is not a permanent solution for me…

I see the problem upon trying to save or print. I can open the OO Writer with no problem, but even with the scan set to selected files, it still does the “Not Responding” thing and the only way to resolve it is to use Task Manager to shut it down. I like both program suites but this is not working for me as is. I either have to go back to MS Office 2003, which I have, or stop using the Anti-Virus program. Do I need to re-install either?

Using the On-Access Excluder will allow you to define any aspect of OO (or the entire folder) to be eliminated from on-access scanning; this way the on-access engine does not have to be disabled.

If, like Nev, there are buttons missing or not visible within CAVS, so that the Excluder cannot be used properly, I would recommend an uninstall, clean registry, turn off all active security software, and reinstall.