"open in folder" does not work (windows 7)

when I download a file with CD, I can’t use the “open in folder” action (by right clicking on the litlle arrow next to the file), as I always get an error message
(telling that no default program is associated with that file).
Besides, I can reproduce the problem in Chrome or SRWare-Iron.
This seems to happen in windows 7 only as I have no such issue with XP.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

well sorry for my bad english, I meant “show in folder”…

What version of Windows 7? x64?
What version of Dragon?

windows seven x86

I don’t see something called “open in folder”. I see “show in folder”. I am using Windows 7 (64-bit) and using Dragon in 32-bit mode. “Show in folder” does work as I see it. Can you show us what you mean?

I know it is “show in folder”, read my second message. Now I can’t show you what happens because
I installed w7 64 bits and it is working normally.

Thanks for help,

In the future, please screenshot errors so that we may see what you see and attempt to reproduce it.