"Open File Path" in Unknown Files Menu and the Other Menus

Hi Friends and CİS Developers,

1- Open File Path in Unknown Files Menu and the Other Menus

When I want to know where the file is, I have to search manuel :embarassed:
CİS can make this search for me 8)

I do not know this is hard to add in this menu but It will be very helpful if this feature is added. Maybe in CIS 7 88)

Best Regards.

Edit : Subject is Changed

I voted yes, however I think it could be added to all such lists and not just the unrecognized files list. :wink:


unrecognized files list is an example for the request :wink:

+1…like MBAM has “Jump to file” option, which opens Explorer window with parent folder.

+1 :-TU


Yes I like this option,too :slight_smile:

Thanks :wink:

Thanks Chiron,

very nice to get your approval :-TU



Also said yes.
It would be desirable to see an embodiment of all desires. :-\

thanks jenny66 :wink:

Yes !


Sometimes I need this function.


Voted Yes :-TU


Yes, thanks :-TU

Thanks Kardo :-TU

Yes :-TU

thanks for your valuable vote :azn:


with this votes…This wish will be in CIS7 I think 88)

Thanks buddy for your vote :wink:

Thanks for your all votes and supports… This feature is in CIS7 Beta now :-TU

Thanks Devs and Comodo Forum (CLY) :love: