Open DNS monitors all your Google clicks to serve up ads..

G’day all,

I know some of you still used Comodo Secure DNS :wink: and I know there are some user here also used OpenDNS and I thought you like to know what happen at OpenDNS.

One of the ways OpenDNS makes money is to launch ad-pages for misspelled URLs that re-direct to an adpage. Worldwide 18 million people use OpenDNS as their DNS-provider…At a recent technical issue experienced at their Amsterdam servers (2 days ago), the problem was further complicated by an additional monitoring software problem, according to David Ulevitch, Open DNS founder and CEO…

Remarkable fact is that all Google-traffic at OpenDNS is led through Because all Google traffic goes via their OpenDNS server, OpenDNS can exactly monitor what users Google for.

They tell something about it here: