open Comodo to another PC

Hi Guys

I have comodo 3.8.65951.477 firewall only on an Xp machine and I need to give it access
to a Vista machine.

I can see the pc on vista but it cannot connect to it

The Vista connects via wireless and the XP via LAN


Try using the “Stealth Ports Wizard” to allow the IP address of the Vista computer to connect to the xp one.

Open Stealth Ports Wizard" and click Next, Now choose “I would like to define and trust a new network zone”
Enter the IP address of the Vista computer and select Finish.
You should receive the message “Your firewall has been configured accordingly” and there should be 2 entries in Firewall/Advanced/Network security policy/Global rules for the IP and 2 Application rules for “System”


thank you for that .It still does not work


Anything showing up in “View Firewall Events” when you try to connect Kimmy?

Are both computers connected via the same router?

If you disable the Firewall while testing are you able to connect(right click tray icon and set Firewall security level to disabled)


Thank you

I think it is something else cause with the Firewall disabled I still cannot connect…I have to troubleshoot

Thank you

In that case, Open My Properties of MY Computer

Right Click - My Computer - Properties

Navigate to Remote and see if Remote Assistance and Remote Desktop is selected or not.