Oops! You have just found a bug in cmdagent.exe

Upon awakening from slumber mode, I get a window which begins with “Oops. You have found a bug in cmdagent.exe. Etc.”

I attempt to send you the message, but the window freezes. Alt+F4 does not close the window. Task Manager also freezes if it opens at all. Impossible to exit Windows XP and reboot. I must either RESET or press the Start button for 5 seconds to shut down the PC. Wait a few seconds. Restart. Normally no problem then.

(I feel the problem occurs when Comodo automatically attempts to update the virus signature.)

(ALSO USING AVAST ANTIVIRUS 4.8 Edition Familiale, which was initially installed along with Zone Alarm free version before I replaced ZA with CIS - did not have this problem upon initial CIS install, so I feel there is no conflict … ?)

The following is a DrWatson crash report dated Dec 17, 2008. There was no report for today, or previous days, so I am including it.

(I can also get the Oops! window when the PC is running outside of awakening from slumber.)

CPU: Intel Pentium Dual Cpu - E2180 @ 2.00GHz - 1.60 GHz 0.99 Go de RAM - XP Pro sp3 French

Single user, single account, account has Administrator privileges.

Only use IE for updates. Never changed proxy settings, have none. Use Firefox browser.

Security software: Avast as above, CIS + Antivirus, Diskeeper Lite (which tends to analyse the hard drive immediately upon awakening as CIS is seeking to update)

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You write that you use Avast AV and CIS+AV. So you are using two AV programs at the same time witch is never a good idea. Switch off (disable) Avast and you should be fine.

:-TU, I have experienced what can happen when Avast! and CAV both have real-time scanning on… :-X Disable the real-time scanning in Avast! or CIS (see this guide, by me ;D).

Thank you, Jeremy. I have disabled Real Time Scanning in CIS following your tutorial. I like Avast, and was hoping not to have to remove it, as well as try CIS’ antivirus together with it.

I will let you know if the Oops! window no longer appears in a few days.

i got the same “cmdagent bug” issue. it’s caused by electrical failure (hard shut off). reinstalling CIS fix the problem :-La