Oops, told CIS to remember to block a software....

I told CIS to block a certain Yahoo updating process. I had the “Remember my answer” box checked.

How do I undo this?

Also, I have 225 files waiting for my review. What the heck does it want me to do?

yo O0
you can edit/delete the wrong rule.
go to Firewall/advanced/Network security policy

errr, i have the Defense+ security level on safemode thus no pending files
i think you have your Defense+ on Clean PC mode
to learn more about pending files pls check miscallanous/help & search for pending files

I’m not very good at searching…could you link the miscellaneous/help, pending files?

Also, so I changed my Defense+ to safe mode…does that clear up my pending files list right away? Cuz right now, it doesn’t. Or does it clear up after I reboot?

You can remove them manually under Defense+ / Common Tasks / My pending files if you are not too lazy …or if you are too lazy to check them one by one just check box All and Remove.

Btw please read the HELP (?) about “What does these settings do” at the left down corner … good luck !