Only ZoneAlarm stands in our way!

Even though this poll had 7000 voters already when they included Comodo firewall, but we have taken over every other firewall in the market place…

Now… its only ZoneAlarm standing between No1 position and us… well, its only matter of time :slight_smile:


Way to go (:CLP)

That’s just in the number of votes, not in other areas like security of course (:KWL)

Hi Melih, I am loving and appreciating the Comodo products so far. BUT the speed of my net connection LAGS too much for my liking with Comodo Anti-Virus and Comodo Firewall. PLEASE ADVISE!! What can I do, any settings I can alter? Thanks because I don’t want to uninstall but I can’t have that much lag. My net speed is fine with CF off.

The forums only have one short post on this.
Many thanks and praise!! Would like to be able to recommend Comodo to others!

hi nwatson88

Pls go ahead and start a new topic on this in the help section.

Excellent. Not long until Comodo hits No.1 (:KWL)


As an old ZA user, I am very pleased with Comodo and sure that is better. My firewall gives me more smart alerts than ZA. If some properties (those not related security) of CFP is improved (ie: animated tray icon), it will be more pretty!

Please keep up the good work!


Who says ZoneAlarm is number one? Was is more like it. Their new company has successfully ruined the product. Comodo on the other hand is clearly in the lead. The way to get better and stay on top is to use ZA as a benchmark of how not to proceed.


You have no problem.
The reason i am here is because of Zone Alarm.
i will tell you a little story
Three years ago i signed up for ZA Pro.
In that time there have been 15 upgrades,every one except 2 caused me serious problems.
I have a file inches thick of emails from me to their so called Support.
Finally i gave up in desparation.
Their Forum is no better.
So for me and many others,i suspect,Comodo is an absolute joy.As Del Boy would say “Lovely Jubly”.
I now feel totally at home with Comodo and look forward to the time when the Anti Virus Application comes out of Beta.
Finally i would like to wish you and all who answer questions on a super Forum the very best of luck.
You certainly derserve it.So Melih it won’t long
Best Regards.

ZoneAlarm stands in our way.

Very accurate assessment - ZoneAlarm is standing still and CFP is moving forward. :wink:

ewen :slight_smile:

Comodo will end on place n° 1 for sure, comodo rulez (:CLP)

keep on working on this great stuff (:TNG)

Comodo should be number 1 there are so many problems with Zone Alarm… My brother installed ZoneAlarm and he only got asked to let out programs to the internet where as on comod he was getting popups for every thing so he went back with Comodo. Comodo No1 (L)

Now Comodo only has to catch up to the Checkpoint.

Lulz, Checkpoint, get it?

Yeah, I know. Not funny.



I’m leaving now.

bye then (:WAV) :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually… having object oriented rulesets like Checkpoint wouldn’t be such a bad idea. I know I’ve requested this before, but I’m doing it again. Having predefined objects to “drag” into rules in the making or already created ones would be so sweet.

Male loved playing with blocks as kids. It’s how we see the world. That and through ■■■■-goggles ofcourse :slight_smile:

Thank God for ■■■■ goggles. Beauty is in the eyes of the beerholder. :smiley:

Well yeah. The fact it is free is hard to believe.

Couple that with the whole obsession over leak tests that people have, comodo fw will be no.1 before long (whether it deserves it or not). I think you should really get Steve Gibson to advertise for you guys, if you haven’t already.

i think the only firewall that stands in Comodo’s way is KIS firewall (antihack)

It is a great firewall as the extra features are in Proactive protection but once Comodo does everything that KIS firewall does and better than i believe it will be no 1 (:LGH)

I have been using ZA for quite a while now, its annoying to get to see a popup every now and then… Compared to ZA CFP has lesser popups to allow the Applications to run.

I’m really Contented to find & use such a helpful and Simple UI Firewall Program.

you are referring to our V3 :slight_smile:

it will totally change the security landscape and the way people protect themselves!!
You see, the other providers can’t put all protection into the firewall… why? cos if they did, noone would be buying their AV products they make money from. Bit like the guy who invents the ever lasting light bulb… manufacturers would buy it and lock it away in a safe place, otherwise they would go out of business. But with Comodo… our motive is different… we want to secure you and we ask for no money in return… What this enables us to do is to go all the way and add all the security and prevention possible to make V3 the product that will secure you and all other products will be pretty much second class and you won’t have to pay for them :wink: