Only one Theme?

Is there anymore themes?

I know i shoudnt Say this but is there?

Let them fix bugs before adding features.

Couldn’t have said it better myself. :slight_smile:


There are bugs? wow. I haven’t seen any. Heck, this one made it a lot easer to configure some of the things. Even WMP’s streaming was easy. And I love how it allows rules to be created for specific applications in a group for others like it!

:THNK i don’t know what i did wrong, but i’ve tried 9 leak tester in & CPIL suite. mostly failed >:( . we can ask for additional themes later.

simple firewall mode will not pass most.

OK, thx Coolio. :■■■■ glad to hear that. coz i thought my CFP wasn’t configured right yet.
so defense+ is needed i see. i thought it’s just an additional feature (like CAVS and HIPS), and they (Firewall & defense+) work separately. defense+ cover any suspicious attempt, and firewall cover ingoing/outgoing connection.
and i’m so stupid allowing the leaktest apps (:TNG)

You can tone defence+ at installation. It gives your three choices for d+ settings.

How can anyone worry about themes? Be glad that this is a program that works, and you don’t have to pay a fortune for it!!

Don’t know about anyone else, but I keep my browser and windows open for theme aesthetics. And I know few people who keep their Firewall control panel open for “looks”. I keep my control panel minimized unless I need it.

i’d like a theme that more matches my windows look, but it’s not a must