Only manual check of files by list

Hey. The problem is that only files are checked manually and those, but the automatic check does not work. Although there is no problem with the detection of new malicious files.

Hi BlackSABER,

Could you please elaborate the issue and steps to replicate the problem.

I meant the following that the files are not automatically checked. Those. Automatic rating change does not work. The files are marked as malicious, which were isolated in the sandbox and processed by the viruscope module, and in order to check the trusted file in the list or not, manual checking is necessary, although, in theory, this should be automatic.

In the File list, you can see

  1. The rating given by you (or)
  2. Comodo rating

Case 1 : You can double click on the item to see Comodo rating if it is “override” by the you. We are not changing your rating even if it is changed on our side, preference is given to customers choice.

Case 2: In case if your rating is not exist, then Comodo rating is shown, CIS will auto refresh the file verdict by scheduler.

after what time period is the scheduler configured?