only https websites


I wanted to setup Comodo Firewall, to enable my browser to view websites. I added the browser with predefined Webbrowser settings. To global rules I enabled ip in-out. I don’t understand, why I can browse only https:// … websites.What can block other sites? All other settings are default.

Please help
Thanks in advance

Can you surf to http website when you temporarily disable the Firewall? Don’t forget to enable it again. You won’t be notified.

Also open the command prompt and run the following command:

ipconfig /flushdns
This is to make see if the problem is may be outside the firewall.


Thank you for the response. Yes, when I turn off Firewall, everything works ok. I attach some screenshots from my configuration. I get always for http outbound address I don’t know why.

Do you see something wrong with rules?

Thank you

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