Only a simple problem!

At least: it should be prompted while switching to disable mode(one very often forgets to switch back), canot it be improved?? :THNK

like changing the color of the icon or some popup message?

Good point but honestly I never have to shut down Comodo for any reason at all so it doesn’t bother me. Why do you need to shut down Comodo?


As Vettetech asked… Is there any particular reason why you need/want to shut CFP 3 down?



In some cases like:installing software(installation mode seems not preferable),manipulating the the protected registery table of CFP 3 or other applications,etc.

Install mode works fine. I install things all the time. Put Comodo into install mode first. Did you read the sticky’s to try and help your problem first rather then shutting down Comodo? Read here. There is no reason to ever shutdown Comodo. I never need to.

well that function is not implemented for no reason! there are a lot of reasons why you need to set the firewall for disabeled, some programs need disabeld firewals when performing stuff… and installation mode is solely for installing/uninstalling programs… sometimes you just need to disable everything to solve something! I think jony327 has got a point here…and Maybe it will be solved in future releases…

Hi All,
changing the color of the icon when deactivated is a good idea. especially for mobile notebook users. When you work in your company network, you will be already protected by the company firewall, depending on the size of the company, you may have even more than one firewall protecting you. Furthermore, activating CFP in the company network may prevent some intranet feature to work, unless the you take your time to set a second network rule set.
And when you at home or somewhere else with no or poor hardware firewall protection, you should be alerted by different color that your CFP is not activated.


Yeah, it was already suggested a few times as other ideas to solve this issue. So far it didn’t get CFP dev team attention.

Stop being such a ignorant. The fact that you use CFP in certain way doesn’t mean all others do exatly the same. Also, it doesn’t mean that their issues, requests, ideas, etc. are meaningless. Why do you have to criticize everyone on this forum?

I never criticize anyone. Put everybody wants the simply answer rather then trying to read and understand whats going on. In my job I cant just throw my arms up and give up. I need to read and figure out things.

Please chill people,big J will be online soon with his padlock at the ready(cue the wild western movie music)

LOL. I have taught Josh alot of things that he doesnt even know.

We have become a socieity where everybody wants the easy way out. Nobody wants to take the time to read and understand. I know this cause I see it when customers come in with questions about there cars when all they had to do was read the owners manual. I am not a computer tech but everything I know is cause I take the time to read and understand whats going on.

Really now.
After all this time, on a professional forum such as this, do we still need comments such as these?



With OTHER Software. LOL

Anyway !ot! Keep on topic pls or there will be a padlock-and-a-half on your mouth. ;D