I have wierd problems with an onlinegame called Trickster ( ) and with the Comodo Firewall Pro. I have used it for 2 days now.

The thing is, I could get online and play the first day. But now I cant get any further than loggin and then it all stops when I try to enter a server. I´m really sure it has nothing to do with my antivirus-program or any other programs trying to block it in someway.

Now I also downloaded the game and installed it on my laptop (NOTICE: not same computer =) and it let the game go all the way. I use Panda Interneet Security (to bad I cant have it on this one, I dont want to pay for it) and it lets TricksterOnline through.

In Comodo I have allowed both Trickster.bin and splash.dny (I guess last one has to do about when starting up). Also the game uses GameGuard, I have it allowed too!

Have you tried rebooting and trying again?


Even though you are sure it isn’t your other security programs, there is one part to be wary of: states PIS has a firewall component in it. I’m just wondering that with some security suites even with their firewall component disabled, there’s always a potential conflict in drivers.

If the above is not the case then anything blocked in the CFP logs?

LittleMac: Almost good enough to be in my signature.

Soya Lv.3: I´m not sure if I understood you, but if I did you didnt understand me. I meant that it worked to play with my laptop, who I use PIS. Yes ofcourse PIS has a FW inside…almost good enough for a signature again, the meaning of Some Program ‘Internet Secuirty’ is that there is both AV and FW.
Anyway, Panda didnt block.

I couldnt find anything in the CFP logs.

Sorry on the misunderstanding. If there was nothing blocked in CFP then the next step (as a quick test only), try setting the Security Level by right-clicking the CFP systray icon to Allow All and see if it helps. If it doesn’t then reset it Custom. What’s strange is how it worked before for 1 day.

I put CFP to AllowAll-mode, still it did not work!

Now (writing moment) I try at my laptop and it works directly, I mean it really is no problem with it.
I cant understand what is blocking the game for me? (:AGY)

mmmm…99% of the time if Allow All doesn’t allow a program to connect then it’s not an issue with your rule settings and this is almost equivalent to uninstalling CFP, so most likely something else is preventing access… maybe the game/browser settings?

BTW, I wished I could understand the (Korean?) language so that I could test the game myself with CFP.

Possibly the remnants of your previous firewall; that has been known to happen (perhaps especially w/ZA).


Its all okay Soya, its as good download it from an english site and play it in english, you have not found it :)? So I am no hypernerdgamingkorean.

L-Mac, I dont think so. I hade Norton IS before but used a removaltool so everything is gone. Since CFP is free and so is ZA FW I will choose it instead.