online upgrade fail

The firewall can not upgrade to the latest, being blocked at about 10 percent of the updating process. And an error message is always shown as “. : Error 0x80072ee2”. The failure files are different but same error code.
what should I do?

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Hello harrison,

Could you go to start > programs > acc > command prompt
type in
del /f /s /q %temp% < Hit enter after %temp% (Restart and do the command againn)

then try to update…

Does this help?


Hello Jake,
I did the deletion of the temporary files and restart my computer and did it again. The updating failed again.
Any other solution?

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You can try booting in safe mode, and then removing the temp files by the above command and as well removing the temp folder in %systemroot% "The command would be ‘cd %systemroot% then rd /s temp’ "

OR you can uninstall and install a fresh from

To uninstall
Export your configuration CIS > more > manage my configurations > Select “Active” Click Export; Uninstall
Then restart - Recommend running this
then downloading a fresh copy of CIS from then install, once installed import your configuration…

Hope this helps;

PS I’ am searching the forums atm and will PM a dev to take a look in this issue;


I have the same error, repeatedly at about 9% of the upgrade process. Same error code as above, but the file involved is always the same: cavscan.exe

I’ve tried deleting the temp files and rebooting as Jake advises - doesn’t help. I object to having to unistall and reinstall.

Comodo 5.0.163652.1142. XP SP3 32-bit with all Microsoft updates applied. MS Security Essentials virus scanner.

I have had the same problem for several months, and the COMODO program nagging me every single day to update, but when I do it hangs after ~1% and then I get the same error (cfp.exe : Error 0x80072ee2).

About 2 weeks ago I uninstalled COMODO and reinstalled with the latest version (5.0.163652.1142). Then it kept quiet for about a week, but now it has started nagging me about updating again, but when I try I still get that same cfp.exe : error 0x80072ee2 message… :frowning:

I tried disabling COMODO firewall and Defense+, but that didn’t help, it still hangs. All other self updating programs such as Windows Update and Avast function without any problem.

I run Win 7 Ultimate x64, 4 Gb RAM, 500 Gb Hd. I use the latest Firefox browser (3.6.13) and Avast for antivirus.