online scanner!

hey all! :ilovecomodo: :comodorocks: :comodo110:

how about an online file scanner similar to that it checks the file against the latest definitions for Comodo AV but just Comodo AV and no-one else?

please provide feedback!

Welcome to the Forum GREYFOX,

Try this on for size.


There’s already numerous online scanners:

There’s nothing that ‘just scans a file using COMODO database’, but why not use virustotal?

^its more of a system scanner than just an individual file scanner!

^doesn’t display much info compared to!

^that is a website inspector not a file scanner!

The best way then, would be to scan with your installed CIS. :o

virustotal and the like usually are a little behind in database version anyway. :slight_smile:


ok, frogger! cheers bud!

That was my whole point. COMODO has all these different scanners and the reason they have not developed anything like Virustotal, is most likely because it already exists and because of what Frogger said; you can use CIS. Also, CIMA displays a lot more information than Virustotal does, just nothing that the ordinary user can interpret. :wink: