Online lookup errors

Every time when I try to online lookup, result is: Error. What can it mean and where can i find error details?


What Broswer Are you using and also what OS And Bit Ver Do You Using?


Opera 9.62 and win xp sp3 32bit
And I am talking about Lookup feature in My pending/safe files, is browser used there? ???

I get the same “Error” when I perform the online lookup

This has only started to happen after the last update was downloaded and installed

Run The Diagnostics (Misc > Diagnostics)

Try Uninstalling Comodo Firewall/CIS Then Reboot Then Install Again

Yes, It Uses IE Settings


Diagnostics did not find anything.
I installed CIS in virtual machine, result is the same.
By IE settings you mean proxy? It is disabled and I dont need it. Also I tried some open proxy.
Update works well, so looks like it is not something wrong with network.
Anyway it is hard to determine problem by mere “error” word…

Any solution for this ?

Newly upgraded and even submitting WINRAR to lookup (and a host of other legit stuff) just get error.

Slightly off-topic, added to own safe list - does this mean they run in Sandbox ?


When you add a program to My Own Safe Files it will be run outside the sandbox the next time the program gets started again. I suggest to check that the file is not also in My Pending Files at the same time; if that is the case please remove it from there.