Online lookup - cannot exit

So yeah i went to use the online lookup function in the pending files window, it said one file was safe, another unknown. It then asked if i would like to submit the files to comodo, and now i cannot exit the window.
On the “submit results” window, the close button and X work as expected (close the window), but on the “online lookup results” window, both the close and X buttons simply relaunch the submit files window, effectively leaving me stuck in an endless loop■■■■.png

The “submitting” and “information” windows only appear when the “submit” window is open, but appear behind the “submit results” window, and so are inaccessible, and vanish when i close the “submit results” window.

Yeah so my screen is now totally covered with cis windows that i cannot get to go away


For a bug report we need more information from you.

Does this happen each time? In other words: is it reproducible? If so under what conditions? Please read IMPORTANT: HOW TO SUBMIT BUGS (read this if you want them fixed) and provide us with the necessary details.