Online Gaming

I noticed quite a few posts regarding online gaming in the firewall threads, so I was just curious what games everyone plays? I created an America’s Army team back in January of 2004 and have a little over 1000 hours invested in the game itself. Until Battlefield 2 came out, there wasn’t a game out there that came close to it in my opinion. And to top it all off, like COMODO it’s free!!!

I hear a lot of people are playing WoW now and a few others but I’d like to hear what everyone plays and whats great about the game…

Are you serious? Well, of course you are. That’s an awesome and in your face gesture to put in a post without a doubt. For one, I admit, I had no idea this game existed or was free. Is it in relation to America’s Army? The one that people were worried about signing up for the service over (don’t quote me please, it was on that order though)? Since my computer’s been down, I can’t game on the junk I am currently working with. Could you , Ryan, clue me in as to where the game is found? I would assume multi-player, fully functional? Can it be played on user to user home network or does it have to be off some gaming server? Free? Heck Ryan, I have been looking for a decent free game for a long time! Thanks for answering any questions.