Online Gaming Security Recommendations

A coworker is rebuilding his XP system and I asked what firewall does he use.
His comment was that when gaming “none”. He found it necessary to turn off most firewalls including Microsofts Firewall, because they cause problems with his gaming. Especially when he is the one providing the server for the game.

A few of the online games he prefers are Warcraft III, Starcraft, Medievel Total War II

Since I am not a gamer, I am not sure what to say or recommend? I know several hear will !

A dual boot system would be the first recommendation, then what to recommend and settings.

Since it is lite I wondered about the upcoming beta of CIS but there have been no comments about gaming so I guess I will need to wait till the beta release. Also what rules need to be added for each of these games both as a player and as the host server. Wonder how the integration of CAVS 3 will affect gaming?
Also wondered if BoClean and CMF will be light enough that gaming will not be affected ?

Thank you all for the recommedations, directions. and any necessary rules addtions.

I will make a copy and pass it on.


I am a gamer and most know this. I have never ever needed to turn off any firewall while playing a game. All you need to do is configure your firewall properly and thats it. Dont rush out and install CIS until it has been proven good. Especially the AV. If your just building a system then you want the best protection available. Running Comodo and a good av like Avira,KAV or NOD32 is a great choice. For free av’s go with Avast. Have your buddy PM if you want. I am actually gonna build a new machine with a 280GTX in SLI. LOL those are some very old games. Your buddy needs to try some new games like COD4,Crysis,GTA IV and many more. I actually mostly game on my 360 now. Check out my gamers thread.

Hell UncleDoug, Often when you are playing an online game you will connect to their server, If you are hosting that server will work as an mirror from your friends computer to yours, same would apply for connecting.
I’ve never had any problems with CFP3 and gaming performance.

As for CMF and BOclean - I really don’t think you need any of them when playing a online game (I just leave them on because it doesn’t affect system performance and I can’t be bothered)… I’ve never heard of anyone getting a virus playing a game online (not Browser based).

I do know that if you have a router you will most likely have to do Port forwarding to host a game.
With CFP3 it’s very simple, Put Firewall\Defense+ in Training mode for 5-10 mins and do what you need to do, then switch back over to safe mode.

Did you take that from my gamers thread Kyle. LOL. They only thing you need to worry about when gaming is that some servers like to have you download and install there add ons. Most of those add ons are safe but I have heard of certain problem like when playing UT 04. Some servers created special rooms like a bathroom scene you needed to download and install.

Lol no, To be honest I don’t think I’ve even looked at your thread Vette… I read alot of the helpfile before I joined comodo lol. (:NRD)

Yes I agree with you Vette - if the addons are nasty D+ would tell you if it’s trying to execute.

Uncle Doug, Tell your friend to put CFP3 on his computer! :slight_smile: Won’t impact gaming at all.

In all honesty, CFP 3 is good enough now, Just configure the polices.

CIS will be just as light, infact on my system CIS is proven to be lighter thanks to the amazing integration and CAV3 being built into cmdagent.exe.


I am also a big gamer and I have been playing games for years.
I have constantly running the following softwares:

1.CIS(before CIS,I had the comodo firewall)

And never had any problems playing games