online games

Hi I use comodo free latest version for firewall only. I play online game runescape which oftens runs slowly just wondering if the game mode setting on comodo would help and how to configure this?

do you use the antivirus of comodo, and have it on update regularly? then every 30 minutes it may look for updates.
try if this slow downs happen still if you disable the “update virus database” in the window for the guard. dont forget to make the setting back, or to create a scheduled scan which would be a “time set” alternative for the all 30 minutes update. choose a single small file as the target for this scheduled scan. so you get updates, but they dont slow down your using often.

the firewall and defense+ should not slow down. they would block, or allow. thats why i think about the antivirus.

Hi no I don’t use antivirus I use Firewall only. Do I need to configure this to play games? Thanks

Does Runescape need one or more open ports for incoming traffic?

the game mode is not necessary to play games normally. its just a way to play without “interruptions” of questions or something like that. personally, i dont use or need this mode while playing a game.

Tx guys, so as I understand it it just stops interuptions not a configuration requirement.
got it.

its like a “temporary mode” (until YOU switch it back). a compromise between “silence” and “security”.
i want security, and i get silence anyway when the rules for the program are made the first time. so i dont use this game mode.