Online Games/Ports


I really like the new comodo, but Ive been having a lot of trouble using it for some online games, most notibly Dawn Of War: Dark Crusade.

Before, i had ZA free installed, and no problems. When I installed Comodo 3.0, i set both firewall and defense settings to training, and booted up the game.

However, logging in onine takes ages now, and theres an unbearable amount of lag during games, even though i can connect to games but not use automatch (a system that allows you to quickly find games).

Now originally I thought that this was just their servers lagging, but when i playing on a different computer at home which has OA installed there are no problems.

I therefore had a look at the network security policy, and created a rule under dawn of war that said allow all tcp/udp in from any to any. This however did not solve the problem. I tried specifically creating seperate rules for each port (eg allow udp in form any to port 6112), however this also did not resolve the problem.

I am at a loss as to what to do, and I would appreciate any help possible.

Thanks in advance

Since my previous post I tried enabling the predifined policy “trusted application” for Dawn of War. The lag immediately went away, however now it sometimes says “could not connect to server, check settings” and something about UDP when I try to host a game.

When “trusted application” is set, it says all inbound and outbound connections are accepted, so HOW is the game still being blocked?!

Could someone tell me what rule I have to create for inbound connections to ports so that my game works?