Online Banking

Can I use the kiosk for online banking? I recently saw a report which showed Emsisoft and Comodo blocked man-in-the-browser attack(s) which appeared on BBC the Click… (:CLP)


But CIS did not get “3P”.

No it achieved a D for all three sections which is The application detected and automatically blocked the execution of the simulator, that is the best grade achievable. Plus, the people behind the test said that both Comodo and Emsisoft were by-far the best out of all the security software tested. :rocks:

D → detected by AV database?

No by HIPS ;D

and where did you saw it? post some links or videos…

The Kiosk guarantees no keylogging if you use the virtual keyboard. The test you mentioned did not take into account the Kiosk. The test was carried out on Version 5.10 or 5.12.

heres a PDF with results…

Congratulations to Comodo Internet Security Pro and Emsisoft Anti-Malware for their excellent performance which was as a result of good detection and layered protection.