Online Banking Browser Security Apps Recommendations

I am looking for something that runs problem free with Defense+.

My reference is MRG’s tests done last June.

The three I have zeroed in are Prevx SafeOnline. Trusteer Raport, and BufferZone Pro.

I have used Prevx SafeOnline in the past with Comodo ver. 4 and had no Comodo Defense+ issues with it. That was prior to sandboxing. Prevx has fallen on lean times of late and is now part of Webroot. Bottom line is I don’t how well it will be maintained in the future. Also Prevx did drive me crazy with its constant cloud scanning.

Trusteer Raport is offered by my bank. It appears to be a mixed bag a far as problems go. Some people have no issues whereas others have had BSODs with it after installation. It appears not be be cloud based?

BufferZone Pro looks like a painless way to get a secure banking connection and also completely sandbox your browser at the same time. Sure looks like a browser ver. of Sandboxie to me.

Both Prevx SafeOnline and Trusteer passed MRG’s infected machine tests. My PC is clean as a whistle so that not an issue presently.

Comments and recommendations please.

Running Trusteer with CIS with no obvious problems. Pretty professional bunch if you have probs.

Won’t work with Dragon though (tho will with Chrome), or I’ve not found out how to make it.

Just check the logs and make exclusions for first few weeks of use


Thanks, Mouse!

Should also have mentioned that it causes probs with CAS, but they can be worked around. Not Rapport’s fault, CAS’s fault.

But I doubt you are using CAS (Comodo Anti-Spam)