Online Backup

I can’t seem to sign in to online backup from within the GUI. I can sign in under the account settings tab (which I assume is just the website) but not under the online backup tab. I get “wrong username or password” error.

CBU 30.171317. 130
Comodo Firewall sandbox enabled etc
Superantispyware pro
Windows 7 home 64bit



Please go to account settings TAB, login there.
After you login you will see a service login and service password, those are the credentials you will have to use for login.


Thanks for that, I am in.

I can upload files fine when I mount it as a local drive and Sync seems to work fine also, but I get “failed with status 183” when trying to upload files within CBU.


Hi MetalShaun,
Please try modifying the registry key value named “Logging” in “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ComodoGroup\ComodoBackup\COS\Config” from 1 to 2 using regedit or another registry editor.
After modifying this value, restart your computer (or restart the service named “Comodo Online Storage Service” and the application) and test the scenario with error 183 again.
A detailed log file named “Comodo Online Storage Communication.log” will be created in the location where you installed Comodo Backup.
Please remove any personal information from this log file and send it by email.

Thank you.

Seems to be working now after the restart. Thanks very much.