Online Armor's Website Stll Not Up To Date

Awhile back I saw a post in Wilders that my buddy pointed out. Online Armor’s website claims they are they only firewall with 100% leak proof detection. They never mention Comodo but they gladdy mention other firewalls they beat. Mike Nash himself said he was going to change the site but still hasn’t. Why is Mike Nash so afraid to mention his only competition Comodo. Sure you can tell people you beat out other firewalls but you cannot tell people the truth that Comodo is on top and better yet both Online Armor and Comodo scored the same. Read the site yourself. I am not making an argument but it seems to me that Online Armor doesn’t want anyone to know about Comodo. Just like they do not allow negative feedback posts in there forums.

Yeah, they’ve had some time now, it can’t be that hard to update their website with proper info…


LOL…click on the link where it says “Online Armor’s Performance”. It leads you to Matousec’s old test results where Online Armor version 21.0.19 beat out Comodo 2.4. Dont you think the link should point to the new test results. This is funny. I honestly think Mike Nash and the Online Armor team are trying to keep blinders on people so they dont find out about Comodo. Better yet find out the Comodo is free and Online Armor costs $40 if you want all the bells and whistles.

is this the version that auto allowed if the user did not answer? Also isn’t the version that can be crashed with a flooding attack?

if so is it really 100%? (not that anything can be 100% in security anyway).


Online Armor isn’t Vista compatible so how can it be the best, also the page identity isn’t verified by verification engine for buying the program, best steer clear of that one me thinks :wink:

I know they keep saying they are working on a Vista version…but a year later where is it?

lot of teams had troubles to release a 100% working vista product or driver.
but MS released a lot of vista betas and RTM was here in october 2007.
so they had enough time to work on a vista release.
i waited 1 year to get a full working driver for my m-audio firewire audiophile as drivers for my lynx L22 were available from the beginning of vista…

The point of my post isnt just about Vista. Its about Online Armor not mentioning there competition in the web site but they sure can mention what firewall they beat.

they modified ONLY firewall by FIRST firewall…
mouaaaaaaahahahahha, jokers…

OA seems to be very not up front with there users and just sets a bad example for other company’s in the same field. All i know is my security will NOT let me view that page! seems they are hosted by SAVVIS and after doing some looking around at why my security would not let me view the page it’s all clear now just read below the History stuff,_Inc.

ok now the site is modified the right way.
u can have a look, it’s the best firewall of 2008 but it’s decided by people that like it, instead of old site telling OA ONLY or FIRST free FW with 100% leak protection decided by no one except OA. (and matousec, but we showed
enough that 100% leak protection was not exactly the case).
that’s correct, now i’m going to check comodo FW webpage cause i talk about OA but i’d better look at comodo webpage too.
but the clash i had with OA that started with this old info that OA was the only or first etc was not for nothing…
anyway, that will not change what happened between this team and myself.
what’s done is done, and will not change.
but now i’m ok with their new site and the reason why we terminated our collaboration in very bad terms doesnt appear anymore on the commercial OA webpage.
it’s a pity that we finished like this but that’s life.

And now we can all get some sleep. :wink:

Thread locked.

Ewen :slight_smile: