Online Armor

Has anyone tried online armor. I just tested it & it works great. Hate to admit it but it is much simpler to use than comodo. It just rank 1st place in the leak test by the way. I still have comodo installed but disabled to avoid c onflicts. (:AGL)

I have used it too. Switched away from Comodo a week ago, because Comodo no longer supports windows 2000. Its all very well everyone on here raving about version 3, but if it only supports XP and Vista, then alas I cannot use it.

So I switched to Online Armor and I have to say it seems very secure without so many interruptions. Comodo was good, but I think its time I moved on - I like the HIPS and the Firewall part of Online Armor.

Thats not to say Comodo is not a good product - it is. However, no further work is going to get done on Version 2 so no point in sticking with it.

As you quite rightly say, it is tied in first place for leak tests - and thats without the user having to do anything pretty much. As soon as you install it, it works perfectly.

 (B)Online armor is good but I found out that it slows your bandwith a lot & I have a dsl connection & it makes it close to a dial up connection. It really slow your utorrent downloads a lot. I just unistalled it & switch back to Comodo which actually does not slow ur bandwith at all.  It is really much simpler but I prefer Comodo which does not slow my internet connection to a crawl. (R)

well online armor does use kaspersky antivirus :wink: its a good system but im weary of the ‘all in one solutions’

best free available firewall imo…can’t wait for the vista version to be released.

there are 3 versions:
-free version
-paid version (with more features)
-paid version + kav engine


I used it for awhile. Slows your browsing down and since I am a gamer it makes for higher pings and increased latency. Also was causing explorer .exe error in alot of computers including my own. (R)

which version have you tried? and… befor playing, did you to UNcheck “notify me programs are autotrusted”?
Maybe that was THE problem :slight_smile:

Notifying me about trusted programs so wasn’t the problem. There probably isn’t one thing I don’t know about pc’s. Go into there forums. Simply UNcheck “notify me programs are autotrusted”? Doesn’t cause a program to lock up or slow down your browsing.

That´s a pretty broad statement Vettetech

I think if you want talk to about oA Fw, go to OA forum.
Is the same as i talk to about Ferrari in a Porsche store,hehehe.

I used OA before v3 came out and messed my system.

I just visited OA forums and there are still tons of people with explorer.exe errors and system lock ups.

seems fixed in the latest beta… which I guess will be released to the world soon. ;D

Slightly blown out of proportion no? Maybe 2 or 3 posts reporting errors. Actually the whole forum only sees a dozen or so posts a day with concerns.

Have you checked your DSL connection? OA has had no affect on my speed. Actually my computer shuts down in 18 seconds with OA as opposed to 34 second with CFP3.

All in one? Do you call FW+AV all in one? Check out ZAAS for an all in one.

Hence the quotes. OA is a HIPS style all in one.

Ah, your original statement was misleading. In your post #3 you only mention FW+AV. When someone refers to an all in one, I immediately think of a suite type app. According to you, CFP3 is an all in one also.

Sorry let me clarify. OA blocks spyware, viruses by using similar (yet different) techniques as D+. From what I got from OA’s website it blocks access to spyware websites, has an antivirus, and it alerts you to program installations.

Since OA’s website dosn’t give me a lot of information im assuming it dosn’t just block spyware you need to block it… Correct me if im wrong guys. CFP would be a HIPS all in one if it had a resident virus scanner (realtime).

Yes you are right a ‘real’ all in one would be like ZoneAlarm security suite.

I will lock this one.