this is what i found out when my computer was running slow due to online armor free editon

its hard to see but it was running over 600 mb

[attachment deleted by admin]

Is that the latest stable or beta? Just curious as to how it can consume that amount of disk space.

Online Armor (Free edition)

Click Here to download Online Armor Free (v2.1.0.31) (15mb)

I may be curious, but I don’t have another test PC test it out :slight_smile:

i deleted it and reinstalled it and now its saying its at 2,290.00MB

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:o ???

Man! This makes me NEVER want to try out their product. This cant be good for business, free or not!!


Being you and MR BLOMBERG are posting from the same IP and the installer/registry for XP’s Add/Remove Program is looking hacked to reflect the figures… I believe you owe us an explanation or an apology.

I may be on vacation but I’ll drop in and call shenanigans when something as blatant as this comes up.

Not to be rude, but he is my roommate. We both share this computer. I’m not sure what you mean by “looking hacked to reflect the figures” but neither of us have the slightest clue how to “hack” something. Why would we want something that would take up so much space on our PC, and slow it down to a crawl? If you dont believe it’s real, I can show you on cam, if you message me on yahoo. We used to love Online Armor, but all of a sudden our computer slowed down, so we checked our programs, and out of nowhere this one was using A LOT of MB’s. I’ve never in my life seen something like this. That’s why he went straight to the forums with it. We wanted to know if anyone knew what was going on with it? Or what could be wrong with it. Yes we use the free version, but until I know what’s going on, I’m not purchasing anything from Online Armor. I’m going to stick with Comodo.

Sorry for any confusion.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Interesting! You never wanted to try OA free but now you say you did. You actually share the same PC :o

The screens shot seems to indicate ver. 2.0, perhaps the minor updates aren’t noted?

I apologize if I’ve miscategorized your posts, the multiple account creation attempts along with the identical IP’s threw some flags. We see some strange things behind the curtain here.
Yeah I know, I need to get a life. ;D
If you could nail down the version perhaps it would be easier to delve into?


I’ve been in touch with the OA Free people.

my guess is that this user has logging activated on the firewall and has been torrenting or something like this.

It’s for this reason we’ve defaulted logging “Off” in our next release - people who want logs will be able to find the controls and activate them; people who don’t care for logs in any way will never know or care that none are generated.

Logs are stored in C:\Program Files\Tall Emu\Online Armor\Logs\ in case they wish to check.

I just spotted something in your last post.

We both share this computer.
If you dont believe it's real, I can show you on cam,
We used to love Online Armor,
I'm going to stick with Comodo

Given that there are two users on this one PC and you have stated that you can still show us OA Free running on it via cam, we can safwely assume that you still have OA Free installed on this PC. But, and this is where I get a bit confused, you have also said “I’m going to stick with Comodo”. Does this mean that you have BOTH OA Free and CFP installed?

Another point I’m confused on, you said

That's why he went straight to the forums with it. We wanted to know if anyone knew what was going on with it? Or what could be wrong with it. Yes we use the free version, but until I know what's going on, I'm not purchasing anything from Online Armor.

Can you please help me understand why an OA Free user would come to the CFP forums for assistance? This one’s got me stumped.

Ewen :slight_smile: ???

I never said I didnt want to try OA free, what i meant by my first post, was that I wouldn’t BUY any OA products. What is wrong with sharing the same PC? We both chipped in on it, so we both own it.

Well, my roommate said he first came here with this issue (with OA) because he wanted to see if maybe someone else had used OA and had the same problem?

We’ve always used Comodo, but he saw on wilders that OA was favored more than comodo, so he just wanted to try it out. So we uninstalled comodo, and then installed OA, and according to my roommate, two different times it had takin up a huge amount of MB’s, the last time being the highest. He’s got more experience than myself with this stuff, but even then we’re both quite new to the whole security setup type issues.

More info from the OA people.

If you are using torrents or similar software, the excessive disk space usage COULD be caused by the OA Free logs.

You should expect that OA Free will only be about 15-20mb, plus any log files.

We have seen this issue of excessive disk use reported when users don’t delete logs which is why we made the changes to our defaults.

If we look here:

Can you please let me know if you do have both OA Free and CFP V3 installed on the one PC? While this won’t affect the disk usage you’re seeing with OA Free, it could cause the slowdown you’ve mentioned.

Ewen :slight_smile:

only online armor free at the moment

G’day again,

The excessive disk usage is most likely caused by the firewall generating loads of logs. The current release of OA Free has logging enabled by default, but future releases will logging turned off by default.

To turn logging off, open the firewall and click the OPTIONS button on the left hand menu. Click the FIREWALL tab and almost directly underneath is the option to select or deselect logging. Deselect it and then clear any existing logs out of the C:\Program Files\Tall Emu\Online Armor\Logs\ folder. Just to ensure we’re starting from a known position, I’d reboot and then go to Control Panel and check its disk usage again. It shoud be in the vicinity of 15-25 MB.

Regarding the slowdown you experienced, do you run any P2P apps, like BitTorrent? If so, the slowdown MAY have been caused by the enabled logging tracking the flow of traffic generated by the P2P app.

Ewen :slight_smile:

im gunna go and try and clear the firewall logs right now ill keep you posted on what happens.

i do download from sites using utorrent.

OK. Once you have disabled logging and cleared the logs, can you please post the new disk usage size, jus so we all know the new baseline. After that, use the PC as you normally would for a day or two. If it slows down during this period,make a note of what you were doing at the time and what CPU load was and what processes were hogging the CPU (this info is available through Task Manager). Post the results back here.

Hope all this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S. Not that I’m trying to get you to leave, but wouldn’t the OA Free forums be a better place to get support for OA Free? :wink:

i did turn logging off just recently,then i went and searched for logs and found them deleted them and then did a reboot and still it says im at 2,290.00MB,and to clear this up i didnt post over at online armor forums for the plain fact they blocked my ip adress from jumping topic on a spyware/antivirus question a while back.