Online Armor Firewall and CurrPorts not recognizing IceDragon update

My OS is Windows XP SP3. I currently have IceDragon portable version installed, but for some reason it appears in my firewall in the list of programs as version and also I have a program called CurrPorts that monitors what ports are being used by what programs and IceDragon appears in CurrPorts as version If I open IceDragon and press Help in the menu bar and then press Aboout IceDragon the popup says that it is version Is there some reason why my firewall and port monitoring software are saying that IceDragon is version

I just tried this today…

If I go to where the Comodo file is located using Windows Explorer and I open the comodo folder–>open the IceDragon folder → right click on the IceDragon icon and go to properties → click on the tab that says version → On this tab there are two little screens side by side. The screen on the left says Item name and the screen on the right says value. In the screen on the left if I highlight File Version or Product Version the value in the screen on the right is This is why my firewall and port monitoring program are saying that I have IceDragon v26.0.0.1 installed