Online Armor 2 Vs Comodo Firewall Pro 3

Your thoughts?


hmm, i’d like to test Online Armor, but this is the only comp i have and i won’t remove CFP3.
i agree with this :

When you install Comodo 3 in its Basic Firewall installation mode — which doesn’t install the HIPS (host-intrusion-prevention system) — it’s a much more reliable and usable product. But it’s also potentially less protective than Online Armor’s built-in HIPS protection

to have a good/non leaky firewall, we need the Defense+, so i think comodo shouldn’t give the option to install “basic” firewall only.
but then again, for some average user, HIPS can be annoying.
can’t say that V3 is the best firewall, but combined with Defense+, it’s beyond best firewall

you can test Online armor by just disabling temporarily CFP. I did that 2 days ago and I must admit that I haven’t tested Online Armor long enough to conclude anything…except that there might be a reason why I stopped the testing so quickly: it’s got such an oudated GUI. Looks like what could have been a built-in Windows 3.1 software compared to CFP. I’ve even tried again, and even more shortly, System safety Monitor, that I really use to like: can’t stand it anymore. CFP + Def+ outperforms almost any paid/free solution available at the moment, imo.
There’s only one thing that bothers me with CFP, it’s the absence of checksum verification that was there in 2.4. But that’s another topic. In terms of overall prevention, CFP 3.0 is a bloody fantastic piece of software, when Online Armor is just another firewall/HIPS.

I thought online armor doesn’t have Vista version?

Do they have a Vista version now?


They still don’t have a vista version but it’s suppose to be coming. Are you hoping to release TC before they have vista support :THNK

They are beta testing their next version now but their is no announcement of vista support.

from what I read in their forums, no they don’t.

can’t tell about future versions.

sorry if I missed something, that’s the second time I hear about “TC” in the forum, last time was in a post from Melih saying TC would be released soon, as an integrated component of CFP…hmm…what is it?

Totally agree with you on this one Ganda i think if someone doesn`t want to install V3 with d+ they should go for 2.4 instead! as for oa “pah”

Nice 1 Matty

if they haven’t got Vista and we do, and considering the architecture for Vista is substantially different than XP, hence the security software written for both platforms will be substantially different, would it not then be unfair to compare a Vista version of a security software with an XP version?

There simply is NO other software that gives so much power on a Vista machine and Vista is a new OS platform compared to XP and writing such powerful security software for such a new OS Comodo has taken the leadership position. We have build world’s most powerful security software for Vista!

And we have millions of people who use that. Which means this brand new OS we call Vista and this brand new powerful protection called v3 on this new OS will be tested literally by millions of people.

Now, we run Beta for few months and were grateful for all the help from our beta users (which was tens of thousands) but it will still not be sufficient to test such powerful security software for such new OS compared to running it in millions of machines.

Now, V3 is one of the most stable, if not the most stable, most powerful security software anywhere for VISTA, Period!

I think Usability, due to its powerful features, of V3 is being confused with its stability.

Again, V3 is one of the most stable and most powerful, if not “the”, most powerful and stable, security software you can get your hands on (free or paid) in the world today!

And this is only the start… wait for TC :slight_smile: Then anyone from 7-100 years of age will able to use world’s most powerful security product with ease!


Vista version requires substantial work if you are going to build a powerful software like CFP v3. If you are doing just a firewall, then of course less work but you do need the power of CFP v3 if you want real protection. Our timetable is not driven by anything but by our own resources and speed :slight_smile:



Melih, sorry to insist, but I’ve been asking this question for the second time in this forum today, and still no answer, but you keep mentioning it: what is TC ???
(sounds like “trust control”…hope it’s not a browser toolbar authenticating websites, and therefore sending some info to a server each time a user visits a web page)

We are going to thru patenting process now, hence we are not able to release what TC is exactly. Very soon we will be able to. Lets put it this way, its an amazing service that will make Security a breeze to use! Give us few weeks so that we can launch beta version of this service for all of us to benefit from.


OK no problem. Thanks for the answer.

I hate to admit this, but I’ve been using OA since CFP3 borked my pooter.

Set it up, tried all the testing sites, seems OK.

I do like the clear, informative messages and how easy it is to edit what it’s doing - it’s /useable/.

However, OA does increase booting time by about a third and also slows opening of programmes BUT it [hasn’t yet] broken anything.

When I’m confident enough I’ll have another try with CFP3.

Online Armor 2 Vs Comodo Firewall Pro 3…

OA doesn’t have protection against DoS attacks. Or am I wrong?

Ummm Melih…

When are you planning to go to and test v3? :slight_smile:


Better parts in OA Free (compared to Comodo):
-Has no pending files (Big!)
-Nice firewall status with country flags.
-Easy for newbies (auto-opens ports).
-Easier HIPS.
-Easier rules editing and generally more compact GUI.

Worse parts in OA free:
-The Log (no size limiting)
-No IP (or worse, port) shown on alert.
-Can be worse for people that don’t like the firewall to auto-open ports.
-A bit higher CPU usage with p2p.
-Worse alerts.

On the Online Armor website i can´t find more information about their company. Which company developed Online Armor??


Tall Emu is the name of the company. You can read it from the domain name, or in the “privacy policy” “contact us” page.

Tall Emu Pty Ltd

Yes, thanks. But you see nothing more. Never mind. I like Comodo Products sooooo much.