online answering service stopped by Comodo [Resolved]

I tried to find answers in the manual but did not.

My problem is I use an online call answering service called Buzme, by Ring Central, similar to “call wave”…
It had been working without problem alongside Comodo Firewall Pro until I had to download an upgrade of the service.
Now the service won’t work and after days of dealing with their engineers they told me to go to Comodo for answers.

Can someone please show me how to allow the Buzme software to respond to incoming calls correctly while still having Comodo Firewall active?
Thank you.

Have you checked the firewall events log and defence+ log - there may be something recorded as blocked there that will give you a clue what is happening since the Buzme update. Look for any files that may have something to do with Buzme.

If all else fails try removing any rules you have set up for Buzme in both network security policy and computer security policy, then put both firewall and D+ security levels to training mode and try the Buzme service again.

If this does not work you could try looking at your firewall attack detection settings - maybe it is blocking fragmented datagrams that the service needs?


Thank you for your reply and suggestions.
Ibelieve I may have already tried some of your suggestions but I will go back and make certain I go through them each thoroughly.
I’ll be back afterwards.
Thanks again.

You’re suggestions worked!!
It now appears to be working correctly.
thank you very much.

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