OneCare go gone?

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Goodbye OneCare? (I never liked it anyway so…)

interesting…i wouldn’t depend on morro though

New story about it:

I wouldn’t depend on it either, but hopefully M$ will get some better programmers, not ones like the guys who made Vista.

With OneCare engine this will be fail. To become a major player in AV industry MS must redesign your AV engine and unleash various security response teams around your subsidiaries.

Anyway it’s good to know about more one giant in industry.

It’s good news that they’ll offer a free product. It’s also good news for me that they’ve abandoned the user friendly bloatware approach–maybe they were influenced by Norton’s example?

In my opinion MS knows most times where to tread and where to stay away from, they may have reacted slower this time. They do their stuff and leave the rest to others, even facilitating their task with partnership agreements. This means that MS will leave the specialized security market to others, but they will offer a freebie so that no Windows installation is without AV. :-TU