One Year Anniversary.

Hi Guys,

I recently posted an Email from my girlfriend, But for confidential reasons, I had to delete it (She didn’t want it shown).

However… It is our one year Anniversary. I would like to say that Ganda has no chance in the world, Because My GF and myself have spent 2 weeks in a hotel together once! (With my parents off course!).

So basically… Ganda has chance no matter WHAT he saids. Anyway… It’s one one year Anniversary, I am extremely happy! :slight_smile:

Like VERY Happy… She means alot too me… So you think its funny a Mod on a Security Forum Sharing feelings? Well I am a sportsman & a lover


Congratulations Nerd (:NRD) oh, I mean Josh (:LGH)

My GF and myself have spent 2 weeks in a hotel together once! (With my parents off course!). - That is SO boring (but you did hid from your parents and … you know…ehhh.kissed ? ;D)

Anyway - best wishes to you and your girlfriend :slight_smile: Still waiting for a pic of her ;D

heeeey >:( i haven’t finished write it down >:( could you pm me the letter? it might come in handy someday :stuck_out_tongue:
congrats to you two,1 friendly w/finger cross hug (:HUG) for you and one maybe three would be sufficient (:HUG) to your gf.

you both bring your parents? 88)
then who’s watching grandma at home :o i can’t believe you guys left your grandma alone >:(

My Grandma (American) is in America (My Dad Side)

However… My Nana (Australian) Is in a well looked after retirement village! :slight_smile: (My Mums side)

Btw… No just MY Mum and Dad. My GF parents stayed back hehe

Congratulations on the anniversary, Josh :BNC

I’m too young for a girlfriend, but maybe when I’m 30 or something, I shall consider getting one ;D

oh great, now we’re talking about your grandma 88) ;D
oh,about that retirement village (smallville ;D ), are there any chicks around? ;D

16 years old and too young ? I had a girlfriend when I was 7 ;D

Was it a serious relationship? ;D
Maybe use this topic for things related to love? :THNK

Platonic :a0 But I would like to have a serious relationship with her now ;D Rrrrrrr ! :smiley:

Considering Ragwin & Me are both 16… Yes… I am probably too young.

But so far… SO GOOD. Believe me! I have high hopes for my future with her!! :slight_smile:


Well, then… Good luck! ;D
May you two live long enough to have a quasquicentennial anniversary :BNC

I had a also a girlfriend when I was 7! all the girls really like me…when they see me they just melt and their harts flips 3 times over…their eyes become bigger and bigger…and they sweat and squeak when I pass them by…yep all the girls in the world are fond of secret triple x…

Are you sure they just aren’t scared to death? 88)

hmmm…Now when I am thinking about that…it could be true!..damn there bursts my dream bubble…damn it! anyways I at least have Comodo who is not afraid of anyone…including the feared Darth Vader!..

yeah yeah, you guys can dream yap yap blah blah hele hele all night long while josh is having his anniversary with mum & dad 88)

sigh God is not fair :THNK ;D

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you are one forum freak 88) i don’t even remember i’ve ever posted it

Why I’m not suprised ? Ganda what’s your name ? ;D

huh ??? name? what name? my real name? it’s Ganda 88) i should’ve registered using a cooler name, but i was afraid i can’t remember it

Halleluja ! He still remembers his name ! ;D