one wrong klick -> 100 times to click "cancel"

Hello, Comodo Team

please could you change this stupid behavior of your firewall? If one accidently clicks on a program, actually not wanting to install it, there should be only one click necessary to cancel the whole thing, not 45 times clicking on “cancel”. If the first allowance is canceled, it´s quite logical that the whole process is intended to be aborted.
The way it works now makes no sense at all. Besides of that small annoyances CFP is, of course, a very good firewall.



On the Alert, “Treat this application as Blocked Application” to totally block it.


On top of what Josh said, You can also click; “Remember this action”
Please read up on things before getting nasty :frowning:

It is not supposed to work this way. Cancel is not meant to terminate the program.
Each alert is meant to allow/disallow specific actions.

If you would like a termination feature on the alerts please post this in

Yes, this should work. But the drawback is, next time you actually want to install it, you have to find it somewhere
deep in the settings. Why would some “abort action” button be that wrong?

Well, “remember this action” would only apply regarding the next time i accidently click on that installer, wouldn´t it? I´d still have to click x times to abort the unwanted install. Sorry if it sounded a bit too harsh, but i only wanted to help on improving the product a bit.

I don’t understand, when you just click on thread this as a blocked actions and then uncheck Remember, there should be no problem right ?


The cancel button is supposed only to affect the action described in the alert.
Adding an option to terminate the application that triggered the alert require a different button or option.

If you would like a termination feature on the alerts please post this in

yeah, done. Thank you!

And this thread is closed.