One thing missing in Comodo System Cleaner! Uninstaller. :-)

A Uninstaller similar too Revo Uninstaller will be awesome, And maybe Comodo can make a better one! :slight_smile: To give a Scenario, ZoneAlarm does leave stuff behind when uninstalled via Add/Remove, And when a user switches to another Firewall they have problems due to ZA bits being left over in system32. Can Comodo resolve that?

And yes, Defragger is under development. Uninstaller completes the icing on the cake! Not using CCleaner anymore, But always used it for Uninstalling programs quickly.



Well, Josh…

Let’s Lay down what Comodo Has,
CIS - AVS, HIPS, Firewall - Coming With CMF & BOClean
CWT - Autrun Manager, Disk Cleaner, Disk Space Explorer, File Check Sum, File Compare by Content, File Pending Delete, File Splitter, Multi Rename Tool, Privacy Cleaner, Registry Cleaner, System Bechmark, System Information, System Settings, Task Manager, Visual Styler

What’s Missing You Say Is A Defragger is coming which is true… and Uninstaller would be great…

Have Prevention Detection & Cure,… But What About The Average Jo? User Usability Is Increasing, (As In Getting Less Pop Up’s)

Comodo Is The Greatest Company , I’ve Seen so far…

They Actually Are A Security Company But Create Stability In Users PC’s…

To Much?


No. :wink:

Too much? No.

As long as they have seperate teams for their security programs then nothing should be sacraficed :slight_smile:

Too much? Nope…

Over 250 Developers and growing… I think Melih can get a FEW people to create one! :smiley:


Hi Josh, If you’ve got RC1 and go to System Information and click Software and highlight one of your installed programs you’ll notice an uninstall button bottom right that will become active if the highlighted program is deemed safe to uninstall without affecting your System
Regards & cheers :â– â– â– â– 
Xman (:KWL)

Thanks for pointing this out! You also get version info too, nice. Well I wish the Window was a bigger, You can’t actually size the window to make it bigger to view the full name of the software. :frowning: And still wish for it to be more Advanced, And it’s not hidden away deeply in Diagnostics>System Information>Software>Installed Programs (not that it’s a problem for me.) :slight_smile:


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