One Successful Solution for "Limited Connectivity" after Upgrade/Replecement

Every time I changed Internet Security Packages, and sometimes upgrade them, I have the “limited or no connectivity problem.”

My son-in-law has an HP Pavilion laptop with XP SP2. It came with a an internet security package and the subscription had expired. I recommended COMODO as I have had good luck with it on my Sony desktop and My HP laptop. He used the uninstall routine that was part of the original IS package, then installed COMODO IS (CIS). After rebooting he got the infamous "“limited or no connectivity” message. He tried to uninstall CIS in normal mode and the problem continued.

To fix it these are steps I took.

  1. From my personal machine, I copied Microsoft regclean.exe to a USB memory stick.
  2. From my personal machine, downloaded CIS install onto a USB memory sticj
  3. Booted the laptop in normal mode
  4. Copied regclean from USB memory stick to desktop
  5. Shut down the laptop
  6. Booted the laptop into SAFE mode
  7. Ran regclean and selected Fix Errors after review.
  8. Shut down the laptop
  9. Booted the laptop in normal mode
  10. Copied CIS install from USB to desktop
  11. Installed CIS
  12. Rebooted the laptop (normal mode)
  13. Deleted regclean from desktop
  14. Deleted CIS install from desktop
  15. I browsed the output from regclean (undo…) and saw all kinds of registry entries for both the old IS and CIS.
  16. Deleted the output from regclean (undo…)

CIS began working perfectly.

Note: regclean is an unsupported product from Microsoft. One can use any registry cleaner instead of regclean.

This is my experience; yours most likely will differ.