One registered Trust Connect on 2 laptops?

I think I know how this works, but please advise: I have one registered copy of Trust Connect on one laptop. (I have never had any trouble with it, either installing it or running it, with Windows XP Home SP3.) I am getting another laptop, and plan on downloading Trust Connect for it as well. I can use my registration number for the second copy, but can only use Trust Connect on one computer at a time. However, I could run both computers at the same time, one using Trust Connect as in a WIFI situation, and one using my normal ISP connection at home? Thanks for the clarification and for the great products!

  • You may install TC on any number of computers you want
  • TC with same account will work only on one of them at a time
    not depending on connection type (wifi or cable or etc)
  • To connect through TC simultaneously you must have 2 or more different TC accounts.

Hope this information helps.

Or sign up to TrustConnect Corporate account:

Thanks for the help. Alas, I am only an individual trying to navigate in what is apparently a very malware infested world, keeping my computer(s) and identity safe and sound.