One or the other-not both

I noticed last night that when I opened my main Comodo screen there was no antivirus tab at the top of the page. There always had been and there was on the other computer on the same desk.

There was Summary, Firewall. Defense+ and Miscellaneous. Reinstalled the AV component only. Now I had an AV tab but no firewall one.

So I redownloaded the installation file and did a comlete, uninstall/reinstall of the entire suite. And once again I have a firewall but no AV component.

This is on a commercial computer (Compaq SR5710F) that I bought for my grandson running a factory install of Win Vista Home Ultimate.

I have CIS on an older Frankenputer machine on the same network, also running Vista Ultimate (commercial edition) and everything is working great but this store bought hunk of junk has to be different… and is making me remember why I hadn’t had a “store bought” computer in close on to 15 years now.

Anyway, is there any reason why it wouldn’t run both components of CIS at the same time or why simply reinstalling one component causes the other one to disappear, at least from the menu screen?


when you install just one component you cannot uncheck the other because it will uninstall the unchecked one. Do me a favor, uninstall comodo CIS from add and remove. Once done and restarted please use this tool to clean everything up, Comodo Forum once done download the new comodo 3.9 RC2 and give it a try

32-Bit Setup

MD5: d44b1b093fcadac7035c08c1c5b51427
SHA1: fa0a716a112e2d98faf7bfe539ded8d15c817bde
Size: 69.4 MB (72,860,960 bytes)

64-Bit Setup

MD5: ae38e03bc641e6fb28a1b03f20e49e71
SHA1: 940c0aeeb870dd5f113757409238ffa52cb26d40
Size: 72.0 MB (75,592,480 bytes)

if everything works good than leave it on the computer until may 12 when the official release is brought out.

Use this tutorial to look up all the registry keys that need to be removed for a clean install : .

OK, thanks guys. I’ll give it a shot when I get home this evening. By the way, my compliments again on a fantastic product and the support… such as this right here… is equally terrific. I can’t believe it’s not costing me anything.