One monthly ZIPped full backup + daily incrementals?

Please tell me if the following is a workable strategy for using Comodo to back up to the cloud.

Current scenario:

I want to back up a 15,000-file, 1.4GB directory tree to my free 25GB storage space on Microsoft Live Skydrive. Few files, if any, get created/modified on any given day. I’m currently using Gladinet to mount the Skydrive storage as a virtual K: drive, and to do the backup - but the thousands of tiny files cause a major bottleneck!

I assume that having Gladinet upload & verify one large ZIP archive would be much faster than doing thousands of individual operations. This is where Comodo comes in.

Proposed scenario:

Rather than have Gladinet do the backup, I would have Comodo do the backups, using the virtual K: Gladinet drive as the destination. I would create a monthly, full backup using Comodo’s compression option to convert my large directory tree into one big ZIP file.

I would then create a second Comodo backup job, a daily incremental without compression. This should run fairly fast, since only a few files would be backed up every day. And, since I’d be backing up individual files, I would have quick access to any specific file if I needed to restore it.

My question:

can I successfully create a monthly, compressed, full backup (job #1) and a daily, uncompressed, incremental backup (job #2) that would happily coexist? Would the daily job correctly pick up on the archived status of each file, or would compressing the full backup prevent the incremental from working correctly?

Thanks for your advice.


Incremental backups are not available yet for v2