One month with Comodo Firewall

Thank you for your free firewall.

I spent one month with Comodo firewall and i was very sorry i removed it a few days back and switched to my old Zonealarm 6.x.

While it seems very very powefull and trusty, my XP Pro system became highly unstable. Several applications didn’t seem to work with it and displayed some “recources exausted” or things like that.

Since i use my pc 24/365 for my web master work, i had to go back to something else.

I wanted to post that !!!

Again, thanks and maybe i will try a newer version when available.


Sorry to hear about your problems! And sorry to hear you removed the firewall and not ask for help in the forum before you uninstalled the firewall…we are many that would love to try to help you with your problems. And the support is also helpful ( )

What applications did not work?

The beta of version 3 is scheduled to be released 14 may…so maybe you can give the stable version of v3 a shot, when it is released.

Hello and thanks for the reply.

I did read the whole forum and didn’t find anything related to my problems and since i use my pc almost all day and night for all kind of tasks, i don’t have the luxuxy to have an unstable pc.

And this is exactly what happened: my pc became unstable. I didn’t saw applications not to work at all, but suddenly they crashed with strange errors that i didn’t had (and i don’t have now).

I guess the fact than i mainly use graphic programs, could lead to low memory problems ?

I will give a shot to v3 when available.